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Meet Tori, the Ghost Whisperer

Today's character from my latest novel, Whispers From the Past, is Victoria Barnes, or Tori as she prefers to be called. Fifteen-year-old Tori lost her dad six months ago and she and her mother move to an old plantation that appears to be in bad shape. Soon, however, after some cleaning and repairing, the house begins to look like home. Tori is what some may call a ghost whisperer; she can feel when a presence comes near, be it alive or a ghost. Shortly after moving into the old plantation, she begins to feel a female ghostly presence nearly every night, seemingly trying to tell her something. There is another force on the plantation that is dark and foreboding. She tries to get a job working as a junior interpreter in Colonial Williamsburg and later finds out she has a cousin, who takes her on a trip to England. There she discovers a dark force which puts her life in danger.

Inspirations for Tori

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