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Starlight Wishes

Book one in the Angel Series
ISBN-13:  978-1508529224
ASIN:  B015AY9ZS8 
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Jennifer Meadows, a descendant of the Virginia Wellingtons, fell in love with the same guy as her sister...but her sister ended up pregnant and he asked her to marry him. Years later, after Jen's sister dies in a car accident, she struggles to take care of her son Logan as well as her niece Cassie. After Cassie's dad, Luke, is involved in a serious car accident, Jen invites him into her home - and eventually her heart - where she's always wanted him to be.  They seem to finally be getting along until Jen's ex-husband Brad shows up. Will Luke and Jen be able to stop being jealous of each other and stop keeping secrets long enough to realize they were meant to be together?


Cassie used to make wishes on a star when she was young, but after her mom died, she gave up hope. Years later at sixteen, she gets herself into some trouble and a handsome yet mysterious guy named Skyler saves her from drowning in the ocean. When he helps her turn her life around, she starts believing in wishes again and falls in love with him, despite warnings of their love being forbidden. When she finds out he is not what she thought he was, that he is her guardian angel, will everything change?


Here is a review written by a blogger for the  Read it here:
~ Lyndsay H., Blogger for
This is a really good book. I love the forbidden love and even more than that I really enjoy true love. This book just makes you feel good and you will be rooting for your favorite characters. ❤
~ Renee S., Amazon review, October 2019
I love the book and the characters, I fell in love with each one. I could see the story unfolding in my mind as I read the story Her attention to detail paints a picture as you read.
~ Christy, Amazon review, October 2015
Excellent! Fun read!!
~ Jackie Y., Amazon review, February 2016
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