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(Book Two in the Wellington Cross Series)

ISBN-13:  978-1494759551




In the spring of 1873, Ginny Hamilton is turning sixteen and has a fortnight before her cotillion ball at Magnolia Grove Plantation. In that time, she prepares for the return of William Brown, who has been studying to be a doctor. She is determined to enlighten him to the fact that she is all grown up now and hopes for a romance, as she has been smitten with him since she was ten. In the midst of picnics, plantation races, and foxhunting, Ginny and William encounter one adventure – and injury – after another. Two sisters come to visit who vie for William’s attention, resorting to extreme measures in order to do so. Sam Bowen, a cousin of Ginny's step-father, also comes to visit, with his eyes on plantation life as well as Ginny. A scandal threatens to ruin all of Ginny’s hopes and dreams, and she discovers that she must be bold and stand up for herself in order to redeem her virtue and achieve her dreams.  Also read about Madeline and Ethan as they handle guests, races, and a delicate matter that disappoints them both.



I read Wellington Cross over the summer in one weekend and thought I found my favorite all time story. That is until I read finished Wellington Grove tonight. Thank the Lord we had a snow storm last night and work was canceled, I was able to read it straight through. It was wonderful.  It begins 6 years after Wellington Cross ends, giving us a look at what life has been like since Ethan and Madeline remarried. William comes home from Medical School and finds that Catherine's daughter, Ginny, is all grown up. It is a story of young love, hate, romance, grief, and greed. I could not put it down.  Cheryl Lane is a rising star of an author. She is an excellent storyteller, who will keep you on the edge of your seat. She is able to pull you into her stories so that you can see the forest and smell the flowers, hear the children playing. There is action and climaxes with many twists and turns. I am look forward to reading many more of Ms. Lane's future works.


Sandi, Amazon review, January 2014

Couldn't put the book down. Great love story written with descriptions and details that allowed me to envision the characters and the settings in my head. Can't wait to read the next book in the Wellington Cross Series!

Beatrice J., Amazon review, June 2015

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