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The Beginning of Forever

Book Three in The Wellington Patriot Series

ISBN:  9798840206690 


In book three, Bronwyn travels to Great Britain to find her husband Baldwin in prison.  He is released, is introduced to her family, and finds his strength again.  An urgent request to see his mother in Wellingshire, England, changes the course of his future.

Bronwyn and Baldwin travel back to America to join their children and make a new life for themselves.  They have an opportunity to have their very own plantation, but not without obstacles.  False accusations threaten to ruin their happy home.  Will they ever have their happily ever after?

The Beginning of Forever 3d book cover



"This third book in the Wellington Patriot series was phenomenal! It was hard to put this book down because it includes a wonderful love story mingled with interesting History and a lot of trials and tribulations. You get a great picture of Scotland, Great Britain and Virginia as the author is so detailed. You feel like you have been transported into this time and are living it yourself. Bronwyn and Baldwin have so much faith in each other and go through so much. Not only is it awesome to see them prevail, its interesting to see how. No details from me, you've got to read this! I do look forward to more on this story."

~ Trish, Amazon Review

"Third story in the (The Wellington Patriot Series) and another great read! Baldwin and Browyn finally get their happy ending. I really liked how Cheryl finished the story with all the characters in the series."

~ Mary Ann, Amazon Review

"In this final book in the Wellington Patriot series, The Beginning of Forever we find Bronwyn back on a ship. This time, heading back to England to find her husband, Baldwin. He was sent there, after the war, as a prisoner. With the help of his brother, Willoughby, they discovered that Baldwin has been transferred to Scotland. Another journey, before they can find him. He is in bad shape, when they discover him and it will take time to heal. So much has happened to all of them, but eventually they return to Virginia, to start again. If course, nothing is ever easy and more bad luck falls upon them. Can they figure out, where to go from here, to get the life they always wanted. Totally enjoyed reading this series and recommend to all. Love, loyalty, lies are just a few of the feelings you get from reading this book."

Donna, Amazon Review

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