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Whispers From the Past

Sarah and Jason's Story
Book 3 in the Angel Series
ISBN-13:  978-1986036245
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After Sarah Wellington Barnes mourned the death of her Navy SEAL husband for six months, she needed a change of scenery and decided to move to an old plantation called Misty Hill in Charles City County, Virginia.  The plantation belonged to her late husband's family but had been neglected in recent years.  When she gets there, she is surprised to find a man living in the cottage behind the house.  A handsome man who may be related to her late husband, but he makes it clear he doesn't want a relationship with her.  He only wants to help fix up the old plantation.  But when he comforts her after a break-in at the plantation, Sarah can't fight her growing attraction to him.

Sarah's fifteen-year-old daughter Tori spent six months in anger and depression but since coming to the old plantation house has felt a sweet spirit which has helped her get much-needed sleep.  She is what some people might call a ghost whisperer.  She can feel and sometimes see spirits that have passed on.  She finds an old diary which leads her to clues about who the female spirit may be.  Competing with her attention is a dark entity that brings fear to her heart.  Could the answers to who the dark spirit is be revealed in that same diary?  Meanwhile, she tries to live a normal life with new friends, new family, and a new job in Colonial Williamsburg.  However, after traveling to England for the summer, she discovers that her life is in danger.  Will it be any better when she returns home, or will danger follow her?


Whispers From the Past has been nominated for the 2019 Top Female Authors award, presented by The Authors Show.


Whispers from the past all author Goodreads review

"Deserving of a spot on every Women's bucket list December 8, 2018 -- 

If you want to read a Historical book about characters who lived on old southern plantations and a emotionally romantic satisfying ending-- this book will melt your heart. It's a great read with many sub genres.  Step into the excitement and drama of Whispers From the Past I promise you will not be disappointed."

~ Kaitlyn, Amazon review, December 2018
"I love the story and the characters. Once you start reading you can’t put it down. Another great book."
~ Christy, Goodreads review, November 2018
"This book had me from the get go!! I did not want to put it down EVER!! I so felt like I was living the book as I was reading I absolutely could imagine every detail. The blue light in the window totally got me!! Oh I have goosebumps just thinking about it now! Loved this book and can hardly wait to read more from Cheryl."
~ Diane, Goodreads review, October 2019
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