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Treasured Dreams

Book 4 in the Angel Series
ISBN-13:  9798862411362

Coming Soon!

It's been six years since Jen and Luke moved into the big house in the country that they inherited from Scarlett, along with taking care of Tyler.  Luke's daughter Cassie gets a new job, along with her daughter Arielle, at a local veterinarian, where they all get to know Courtney Beck, one of the vets.  Luke has been playing weekends at a local brewery, but a series of events leads him to believe that he is being stalked, perhaps by a crazed fan.  But which one?  There are at least three possibilities.  Jen gets in touch with a long-lost cousin, but Luke suspects she could be the stalker.

Sarah and Jason have been tending to their horses and the B&B, but when Jason finds out that the Wellington family's plantation is up for sale, they start rethinking their future.  Both of them, along with Jen and Luke, talk with the homeowners about possibly purchasing Wellington Cross, but they are met with some resistance by a cousin who has popped up in town with her own plans for the plantation.

Dr. Courtney Beck meets an irritatingly handsome ex-Navy SEAL, now cowboy, Owen Carson.  She is attracted to him, though she fights hard not to be.  She has a secret that she couldn't tell anyone, and is the main reason that she doesn't trust men.  Owen starts wearing down her resistance, however, in the process of fixing up a ranch to raise cattle on.  Just when her heart opens a small crack, a surprising visitor shows up at his ranch, threatening any sort of happiness for either of them.

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