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Wellington Rose

Book Three in the Wellington Cross Series

ISBN-13:  978-1502319593



The year is 1885 and the two Wellington half-sisters who share the same middle name, Lillie Rose and Lizzie Rose, are all grown up.  As they watch their loving parents, Madeline and Ethan, they long for their own romances.  One is betrothed to a childhood friend but meets a new man who takes her breath away.  The other has found no one she is the least bit interested in but when a man from her past comes back to town, she realizes she has been waiting for him all along.  With plenty of action including a bank robbery, a kidnapping, a train hold-up, and long-held secrets to be discovered and revealed, this new installment of the Wellington series has a little bit of everything, especially romance.



Once you start reading it's hard to put this book down. The characters are like keeping up with old friends that live far away. I became so involved that I could imagine being there and I found myself feeling the heartache that some of the characters felt as well as the joy. I like Cheryl Lane's books. I love historical romances, but some books get a little too detailed with the sexual in counters. Cheryl keeps it classy. I thank her for that. Looking forward to her next book!!!!!

Tangela, Amazon review, March 2015

More secrets abound in the Wellington household. Secrets that can tear a family apart.  Lizzie Rose gave her heart away to Josiah back when they were children. If she can't be with him, she chooses to be with no one. Lillie Rose thinks she has given her heart to Wesley Hamilton but she feels there is something missing from their love. They are sisters bound together by the love of their real father. Their lives are torn apart when Josiah and his family expectantly returns into their lives. He has also brought Ian, his good for nothing, trouble following cousin. Lizzie is reminded of all the feelings she has for her so-called Uncle and Lillie is blown away by the new feelings she has for Ian. In the company of friendship, young love and passion, the long buried secrets surface and prove that things are not always as they seem.

I have loved Cheryl R. Lane's stories since discovering Wellington Grove. It was the first book I found myself staying up all night to read. She pulls you into the lives of her characters and does not let go. There are twists and turns that keep you begging for more and Wellington Rose is no different. She proves that true love will conquer all.


Sandi, Amazon review, June 2015

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