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Meet the Characters

I'd love for you to meet some of the characters from each of my books.  I have separate pages for each of the series that I write.  I hope this will give you some idea of the people I write about, where they're from, what they look like, what makes them tick, what upsets them, or how they change.  

Meet the Wellington Cross Characters

Meet the characters from the Wellington Cross Series on this page.  You may remember some of the new ones introduced when they were younger, and then there are new characters making their first appearance in the newer books.

Photo of a woman in 1800s from Wix/Bigstock

Meet the Angel Characters

Read about my modern-day characters from the Angel series on the link below.  These include both humans as well as angels.

Photo of woman on beach reading from Wix/Bigstoc

Meet the Wellington Patriot Characters

Read about the characters from the Wellington Patriot Series here.  You may remember Baldwin Wellington from the very first Wellington Cross book, and you may remember Willoughby and Wilhelmina Wellington being mentioned in Whispers From the Past.  All the other characters are new.

Handsome Male Horse Rider Regency 18th C
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