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These are some modern short stories that I have written for contests in the past.

The Proposal

The Proposal short story cover


I wrote this romantic short story in a contest in conjunction with Nicholas Sparks in 2012.  Figment is changing its website, so I had to take it off their website for now until they get their new website up and running, but I have a copy of it which you can ready by clicking on the button below.  At the end of the story, you can read comments and see the reactions for the story.


Darren Conners gives his co-worker at an advertising agency, Chelsea Cox, a proposal that she is not expecting to receive...a marriage proposal.

Comment about The Proposal on Figment:

"That's amazing!! It actually brought tears to my eyes. You did a great job painting a picture of the characters and the setting. Great work!! :)"

The Concert

The Concert short story cover


I wrote this romantic short story and entered it in a magazine contest several years ago.  You can read this short story by clicking on the button below.


Staci worked part-time selling merchandise at concerts while her Navy husband was on duty in Afghanistan.  An old boyfriend shows up at a concert, and as they talk, they both realize there is unfinished business between them.  Does she still have feelings for her old flame?  Will he be a temptation to her while her husband is away?

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