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Wellington Belle

Book Four in the Wellington Cross Series

ISBN-13:  978-1534935037



In 1895, Annie "Belle" Wellington moves into Adams House, a boarding house that she helps run with the owner, Amanda Adams, in Charles City, Virginia.  Life in the boarding house quickly turns awry when they encounter a mysterious death, a heinous rape, and other secrets in the old house.  In the midst of all of this, Belle finds herself falling in love with Amanda's cousin, Jason, after dancing with him at her family's annual Spring Ball.  Meanwhile, who committed the heinous acts in the boarding house?   Sheriff Bob and Belle's brother, Bertie, carry out the investigation.



Belle Wellington is a resourceful woman who wants to live life on her terms. She doesn't want to be a sheltered and pampered lady which is why she moved out of her family's plantation and into the boarding house where she works. Amanda needs her help. Life takes a dark turn when Amanda is assaulted and a male boarder is found dead. Jason, Amanda's cousin, is there to take care of both ladies. Can Belle trust him? I liked Belle. She's feisty and determined to take care of business. Jason is a good man who has been scarred by his past. The attraction between them is evident. I wanted a HEA. I, also, wanted the person responsible for these crimes brought to justice. I enjoyed Wellington Belle. It had likeable characters, a sweet romance and a suspenseful mystery. Cheryl R. Lane has an easy writing style that I enjoyed. This book was the perfect way to relax.  ~Five stars

Rosemary, Amazon review, January 2017

Read this book in one day the story line held my interest to the end. Enjoyed reading of the younger generation growing up.  ~Five stars

Edna T., Amazon review, October 2016

Meet the Wellington Characters

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