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Meet the Wellington Patriot Characters

Voyage of the Heart

Baldwin Albert Hugh Wellington:  Baldwin Wellington was the great-grandfather of Ethan Wellington from my Wellington Cross Series.  Baldwin, if you have read book one in that series, fought in the Revolutionary War.  His painting hung on a wall in Edward Wellington's  study at Wellington Cross Plantation.  He was the son of Lord Alden Wellington and Lady Alice Wellington and grew up in Wellingshire, England, in Highwoods Castle.  He had an older brother, Willoughby, and a younger sister named Wilhelmina.  He lived a privileged life but was mischievous, and after a fateful accident, he was ignored by his mother.  Thus, he often got into trouble, trying to get attention.  We meet him in the beginning of the book as a young man who flirts with women and with disaster.  He is accused of a crime he didn't commit and ends up being ostracized from his family.  He is punished, barely escapes with his life, and is sent on a ship to the British Colonies in North America.  

Handsome Male Horse Rider Regency 18th C

Bronwyn Kerrigan:  Bronwyn is a Scots-Irish lass whose father dies and she has to make an important decision about her future. She can either accept a marriage proposal or take an indentureship for Lord Fairfax in the Colony of Virginia. She ends up on a ship to the colonies and meets an injured man, Baldwin, who she is instantly drawn to, despite the fact that he is British. She also meets a woman who is less than perfect, but the two end up in many entanglements together, including in the hands of pirates! Will Bronwyn find the strength to take the journey that fate has brought her?

Red-haired 18th century woman in a field

Rowena Thorowgood:   Rowena Thorowgood is a spoiled rich young lady from Wellingshire, England, who is being forced into an unwanted marriage by her father.  She uses ingenuity and desperate measures to get out of this situation, ending up on a ship to the American Colonies.  Her troubles follow her onboard, however, and she makes more hasty decisions in order to free herself of that perceived bondage.  Things quickly go awry, however, and she once again makes a difficult choice.  When fate throw her another curveball, what will she choose to do next?  And who will she wed?

A young woman in historical clothing in

Lachlan McGregor:  Lachlan McGregor is a Scotsman who is Baldwin Wellington's friend since childhood.  Born in 1745 during the Battle of Culloden, his father was killed during the battle and his mother became a servant for a prominent family in Wellingshire, England.  Lachlan and Baldwin got into mischief while growing up and ended up living on the streets as young men.  He and Baldwin make plans to go to the American Colonies, but they get separated for a time.  Lachlan works his way onto a ship but they encounter pirates.  He comes to the aid of a damsel in distress when the ship lands in Bermuda after a storm, but the likelihood of him ever making it to the colonies seems slim.  Does he have a future with this damsel and will he ever see his best friend Baldwin again?  
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A Revolutionary Engagement

Baldwin Albert Hugh Wellington:  Baldwin Wellington was sent to the British Colonies in North America where he became an indentured servant on the same plantation as the Scots-Irish woman, Bronwyn, that he fell in love with.  He does well at the plantation, his status is advanced, and he meets George Washington.  His life is turned upside-down, however, when British soldiers arrive at the plantation looking for able-bodied men to join their Army and Baldwin is volunteered.  He tries to make the best of it but sees that his captain is ruthless and wants to switch sides to fight for the cause he believes in.  He has this opportunity after he is captured by the Americans during a battle, but will the Patriots accept him?  His mischievous and outspoken self gets him into trouble on several occasions.  Will he survive the war, regardless of which side he is on? 

A Revolutionary Engagement closeup of man
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