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The Wellington Patriot Series

This is a historical romance series set in the late 1700s.

Welcome back to my world of the Wellingtons. This series of books is about Baldwin Wellington, the great-grandfather of Ethan Wellington from my Wellington Cross Series.  Baldwin, if you have read book one in that series, fought in the Revolutionary War.  His painting hung on a wall in Edward Wellington's study at Wellington Cross Plantation.  The series will begin in England and Ireland where we first meet Baldwin and a young woman who meet on a journey across the Atlantic to the colony of Virginia on the eve of the Revolutionary War.

In book one, titled Voyage of the Heart, Baldwin Wellington has been ostracized from his family and finds himself in trouble yet again, for which he is punished and barely escapes with his life.  Meanwhile, Bronwyn Kerrigan is a Scots-Irish lass from Ireland whose father dies and she has to make an important decision about her future.  She can either accept a marriage proposal or become an indentured servant for Lord Fairfax in the colony of Virginia.  Baldwin and Bronwyn meet each other on the ship crossing the Atlantic where they will endure many hardships, to include scandals, storms, disease, and pirates.  

In book two, Baldwin and Bronwyn are indentured servants on the same plantation.  More in love than ever, they plan a life together.  But when the war begins, circumstances separate them, causing them both to wonder if they will ever see each other again.  Baldwin is taken away to the war and Bronwyn carries a secret that ends up being revealed and she is punished.  Will they have their happy ending?

In book three, Bronwyn travels to Great Britain to find her husband in prison.  He is released, he meets her family, and they travel back to America to make a new life for themselves.  They have an opportunity to have their very own plantation, but not without obstacles.  False accusations threaten to ruin their happy home.  Will they ever have their happily ever after?

Click on the book cover below to learn more about each book.

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