Down Wellington Lane
This is devoted to my Facebook group

Welcome to Wellington Lane.  This is devoted to a group I have on Facebook called Down Wellington Lane.  You can join the fun here:  Down Wellington Lane.  


We will be having a monthly trivia question on the first day of each month.  Tune in on the group page for the trivia question for your chance to win.  This month's prize will be a Christmas ornament.

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Secret Santa

For Christmas this year, I thought it would be fun to have a Secret Santa gift exchange.  This is where we would secretly "draw names" virtually.  To do this, simply fill out the form below, and I will give you a name to give a gift to, including contact information.  I am the only person who will see this form and the personal information.  Then you would buy a gift for the name you are given, just something small, an ornament, an ebook, something handmade, whatever works for you.  If you want to reveal your name, you may do so in your gift or on Reveal Day in the group, which will be Sunday evening, December 19, or you may remain secret.  We can also share pictures of our gifts.  Let's have some fun with this! 

Secret Santa.png
Secret Santa Form

Thanks for submitting your name to the Secret Santa Giveaway.  I will let you know the name of the recipient you can give a gift to.