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A Wellington Christmas

(A Wellington Cross Novella)

Book 2.5 in the Wellington Cross Series

ISBN-13:  978-1495912019




William and Ginny Brown have been married for six months, and as Christmas approaches, Ginny begins to suspect that she is with child. She tries to deny it, not feeling ready to be a mother just yet. However, after the birth of William’s cousin’s baby, Ginny begins to change her feelings towards having her own baby. In the meantime, she has lost her wedding ring and frets over what William will think when he finds out. They spend Christmas at their new home, The Forest Plantation, where fears and worries are revealed, and they learn how to rely on each other as their love grows stronger. A snowstorm and an accident make it difficult for the whole family to make it to The Forest on Christmas Day.




"What a nice sweet Christmas story! I give it 5 stars because I really loved the book. Yes, it's way short and could be read in an hour or less, but it's suppose to be a short story. After reading this book, I really thought - wow, it would be nice to read novellas all the time. Sometimes life is just so busy and trying to get through a long novel is difficult (especially with little children running around and house to manage). I recommend this to anyone wanting a quick read with good lovable characters."


P. Boles, Amazon review, December 2014


"William lost his first wife and daughter and he is very protective of his second wife Ginny. He is still in school learning medicine and she is still in school learning to be a nurse. This is story as old as time; she needs to tell him she is pregnant but she terrified of giving birth and she feels it is too soon to share William with a baby."

Dorothy H., Amazon review, November 2015

"I would give it 10 star rating if I could. The book is so good. It is a perfect Christmas story and written so well. It captured my attention from the beginning to the end."

Anne Marie C., Amazon review, December 2021

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