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Meet the Angel Series Characters

This is where you can learn more about my characters in my Angel series.

Starlight Wishes

Luke Callaway:  Luke is a former Navy man who lives in Virginia Beach, works as a government contractor, and on the side plays guitar and sings in a band called the Renegades. His wife died in a car accident in which he was driving ten years ago. Now he finds out his daughter has gotten into some trouble, and he calls on his sister-in-law, Jen, for help. He has secretly been in love with Jen since they were teenagers but hasn't gotten up the nerve to tell her. He's been too busy drinking away his sorrows, working out of town at Wallops Island, and having one-night stands with other women. He has another car wreck and ends up regretting a lot of his past decisions and vows to be a better man. How will he convince Jen he's in love with her? And will he get past jealousies of the other men in her life, including ex-husband Brad?


Jennifer Meadows:  Jen owns an antique store in the Pungo area of Virginia Beach and has a sixteen-year-old son named Logan.  Her sister died in a car accident ten years ago, and since then, she's secretly been pining for her sister's husband, Luke Callaway.  The two of them had dated in high school, but when Jen found out he was dating her and her sister at the same time, she bowed out.  For the past ten years, Luke has gotten a little off-track with lots of girlfriends, drinking bouts, and working out of town a lot, so she keeps his 16-year-old daughter, Cassie, at her house quite often but avoiding him.  When Jen gets a phone call in the middle of the night and finds out Luke has been in a serious car accident, she goes to his side and decides to bring him home with her to take care of him and his broken ankle.  They finally start getting along and a budding romance evolves, but then her ex-husband Brad moves to Virginia Beach.  How will this affect her relationship with Luke?  She has something very important to discuss with Luke that has to do with Brad if she can get up the nerve.  During a trip to Georgia to see her dad at his sixtieth birthday, secrets are revealed.  Will she and Luke be able to get past jealousies and forgive each other so they can finally be together?


Cassandra "Cassie" Callaway:  Cassie lost her mother in a car wreck when she was six years old.  Now at sixteen, she has gotten into some trouble including smoking weed, drinking alcohol, and taking pain pills.  At a beach party one night, she nearly drowns in the ocean and is rescued by a handsome yet mysterious guy named Skyler.  Skyler sternly advises her she needs to change her life and vows to help her do so, which was both irritating and refreshing to her.  After her father ends up in a coma, she is determined to put her life back together with the help of Skyler and her family.  She gets clean, joins her high school cross country team, and passes summer school.  In the process of all of these changes, she and Skyler develop feelings for each other until he has to go back to wherever it was that he came from.  He later returns and she finds out he is not what she thought he was at all.  Will this change their budding relationship?  And what connection does Skyler have to her Aunt Jen?


Skyler Osmond/Garrett:  Skyler is a teenage-looking guy who rescues Cassie from the ocean and always knows what Cassie needs and when she needs it.  He has a secret, though.  He's not human.  He's actually her guardian angel.  He presents himself in human form any time he wants to, but especially when Cassie needs rescuing.  He protects her, he heals her, and he comforts her.  Yet for the past year, he's watched her mess up her life in a big way and has finally had enough.  He saves her from drowning in the ocean, and then starts helping her change her ways and do her algebra homework, but when he keeps coming around and reads her thoughts about how she feels about him, he finds himself unable to stay away.  He eventually falls in love with her, but Jackson, an angel of death, warns him repeatedly that love between a human and a guardian angel is forbidden.  Skyler stays away for a while, only to come back when Cassie nearly passes out from heat exhaustion during a cross country race.  Will he tell her what he really is?  How will she respond and will it change their love forever?


Maggie:  Maggie is a friend of Jen's from high school, and they reconnected a few years ago when Jen came back to Virginia Beach.  Maggie had been married to Steve from Luke's band for a little while, but they divorced after five years of marriage.  She is a real estate agent and owns a beach house at Sandbridge Beach.  This was the beach where locals came and also vacationers who wanted to rent a house rather than a hotel.  It was less crowded and more laid back, and Maggie acquired the house after the divorce.  Maggie invites Jen, Luke, and even Steve and the kids over anytime to enjoy the beach and cook out on the oceanside balcony.  Her house is also the site of a wedding at the end of the book; I won't say whose.  :) 


Thomas Wellington Meadows:  Tom is Jen's and Josie's father and Cassie's grandfather.  He is an ex-Navy man who traveled around a lot, but he was born on a horse farm in Hull, Georgia, called Wellington Farm.  He is a descendant of Ethan and Madeline Wellington of Virginia, through his mother's side of the family. When he got out of the Navy, after divorcing Jen’s mom, he moved back to Georgia and following the deaths of both parents, he inherited the big farm.  He has thirty acres of land, and to help maintain it, he keeps the same crew his dad has.  He also boards many horses for the University of Georgia Equestrian Team and is involved in fox hunting and giving riding lessons.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, and traveling around in his RV.  He remarried a few years earlier to a spunky woman named Evelyn, Evie for short.  You will meet Tom in the latter half of the book when Jen, Luke and the family go down to Georgia to surprise him for his sixtieth birthday.  Tom knows a secret of Jen's which will be inadvertently be revealed during this visit.

Sunrise Kisses

Scarlett Juliandra Laurent:  Scarlett is a young woman in her 30s who has been diagnosed with breast cancer - again.  Her mother just died of the same disease nearly a year prior, so she knows what to expect.  She is half-French from her father Andre Laurent, who was born in Toulon, France, and half-American through her mother.  As she prepares herself for her demise, and finds a beach house to live in the rest of her days, she meets a wonderful man named Jackson who treats her like a queen and yet supernaturally seems to know everything about her.  He convinces her to find her eight-year-old boy Tyler's real father, who she just happens to see again for the first time since Tyler was conceived, and tell him that Tyler is his. She leaves this newly married man with a decision about whether to be involved in Tyler's life or not.  Jackson also convinces her to see her father in France while she can, and her small family become close during this visit, and yet she finds out many secrets that had been kept from her.  As she falls in love with Jackson, many secrets of his own are revealed to her, one that is hard to believe - that he is actually an angel of death.  This will impact not only the rest of her life on this earth but also her afterlife.


Jackson:  Jackson is an angel of death who visits people who are about to pass on, to help them prepare.  When he first visits Scarlett Laurent to tell her about her passing, that she won't make it with her cancer this time, she takes him by surprise by her determination and will to live, and finally the sorrowful resolution of her condition.  He usually told people right away when their time was up, but with Scarlett, he put it off for a while.  She was doing something to him, with her big green eyes, her porcelain flawless skin, her desire to be held, but there was something more.  Something was happening between them.  He felt a strong connection to her that only grew the more he got to know her.  He broke a few rules, told a few lies, and got into some big trouble before realizing that she was the love of his angel life.  He just had to prove it to her before time ran out.


Luke Callaway:  Luke is newly married to Jen and thinks life is pretty perfect, but then he gets some shocking news about an old acquaintance, Scarlett Laurent.  While he's absorbing the news, he gets a chance to go to Nashville and make a record with his band, Renegades.  He thinks he's finally making all his dreams come true, enjoying the adoring fans, being able to do something he loves, making music, playing for crowds, but he soon realizes that his biggest dream had already come true:  marrying Jen and being with his children.  After quitting the government contracting business, he thought he was done with traveling for work, but the music business takes him away from his family.  Again.  He has a tough choice to make about his career, but it won't be an easy decision to make.  Several events with his children will affect his decision.

Whispers From the Past

Sarah Wellington-Barnes:  Sarah Wellington-Barnes is the lead female character in Whispers From the Past.  Sarah lost her Navy SEAL husband six months ago and decides to move from Virginia Beach into an inherited old plantation house in Charles City County, Virginia.  When she and her teenage daughter get there, Sarah is surprised to find a man has been living in a small cottage out back.  A very handsome if somewhat moody man.  He offers to fix up her house for free in exchange for letting him stay on the plantation.  She is of course reluctant but soon finds out he is handy to have around, especially when she needs comfort after a break-in.  He provides comfort, does romantic things for her, shares wine with her, has picnics for her, builds things for her, buys her horses, and eventually they fall in love.  She thinks he's just about perfect but soon finds out he has not been honest with her and has kept a lot of secrets.  Can she trust him?  Meanwhile, Sarah settles into a new job as a legal transcriptionist, which becomes frustrating to learn, and she rekindles an old friendship with Larson, who encourages her to join a gym.  There, she meets new friends who help her get in shape and have fun while doing it.  Sarah also has an elder mother who has Alzheimer's, and she shares responsibilities of taking care of her with Sarah's brother, Mitch.

Jason Barnes:  Today's character I'd like you to meet is Jason Barnes.  Jason is a complicated, troubled soul filled with doubts and confusion, but he also knows how to make a woman feel special and anticipate her needs.  He has many scars from past losses, both on his body as well as in his heart.  He is a dedicated family man and a former Navy SEAL.  He has traveled all over the world but his home is in Charles City County, Virginia, and that’s where he has returned after his last tour of duty.  He earns a living by renovating houses and ends up renovating an old plantation in rural Charles City County, Virginia, called Misty Hill Plantation.  It is there he meets a woman he comes to care for, more than he should.  He showers her with attention, but he has many secrets that he is hesitant to share with her, for fear that she would reject him.  He must make a choice:  to be selfish and follow his desires, or to tell the truth and trust that love will find a way.

Tori Barnes:  Victoria Barnes, or Tori as she prefers to be called, is a fifteen-year-old teen who lost her dad six months ago.  She and her mother move to an old plantation that appears to be in bad shape, but soon, some cleaning and repairing, the house begins to look like home.  Tori is what some may call a ghost whisperer; she can feel when a presence comes near, be it alive or a ghost.  Shortly after moving into the old plantation, she begins to feel a female ghostly presence nearly every night, seemingly trying to tell her something.  There is another force on the plantation that is dark and foreboding.  She tries to get a job working as a junior interpreter in Colonial Williamsburg and later finds out she has a cousin, who takes her on a trip to England.  There she discovers a dark force which puts her life in danger. 

Grayson:  Grayson is a teen character from my new book, Whispers From the Past.  He is a senior in high school, getting ready to graduate, and he works part-time in Colonial Williamsburg giving ghost tours at night.  His parents are divorced and he has a dual citizenship, dividing his time between the USA and England.  He makes a new friend who shares similarities with him, but as he approaches graduation, strange and unexplained things start happening to him.  Things he wouldn't dare tell his parents.  Until his friend is in danger.

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