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Meet Jason

Today's character I'd like you to meet is Jason Barnes. Jason is a complicated, troubled soul filled with doubts and confusion, but he also knows how to make a woman feel special and anticipate her needs. He has many scars from past losses, both on his body as well as in his heart. He is a dedicated family man and a former Navy SEAL. He has traveled all over the world but his home is in Charles City County, Virginia, and that’s where he has returned after his last tour of duty. He earns a living by renovating houses and ends up renovating an old plantation in rural Charles City County, Virginia, called Misty Hill Plantation. It is there he meets a woman he comes to care for, more than he should. He showers her with attention, but he has many secrets that he is hesitant to share with her, for fear that she would reject him. He must make a choice: to be selfish and follow his desires, or to tell the truth and trust that love will find a way.

The many faces of Jason

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