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Meet Sarah Wellington-Barnes

I just released a new book, Whispers From the Past. I normally do a Meet the Characters with each book release, and this time I'm putting it in a blog. This book is a modern-day paranormal romance, starring Sarah Wellington-Barnes as the lead female character. Sarah lost her Navy SEAL husband six months ago and decides to move from Virginia Beach into an inherited old plantation house in Charles City County, Virginia. When she and her teenage daughter get there, Sarah is surprised to find a man has been living in a small cottage out back. A very handsome if somewhat moody man. He offers to fix up her house for free in exchange for letting him stay on the plantation. She is of course reluctant but soon finds out he is handy to have around, especially when she needs comfort after a break-in. He provides comfort, does romantic things for her, shares wine with her, has picnics for her, builds things for her, buys her horses, and eventually they fall in love. But she finds out he has not been honest with her and has kept a lot of secrets. Can she trust him?

Meanwhile, Sarah settles into a new job as a legal transcriptionist, which becomes frustrating to learn, and she rekindles an old friendship with Larson, who encourages her to join a gym. There, she meets new friends who help her get in shape and have fun while doing it. Sarah also has an elder mother who has Alzheimer's, and she shares responsibilities of taking care of her with Sarah's brother, Mitch. My own mother had Alzheimer's and I was able to have some personal insight into this condition and write about it.

I hope you enjoy reading about Sarah. She is probably the most like me character I have written about so far. You can get a copy of Whispers From the Past from Amazon, Kindle or paperback version.

My inspirations for Sarah

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