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Plantation on the River

In the summer of 2014, my friend and fellow author, Sherrie, and I visited the Weston Manor, or Weston Plantation. It is a beautifully restored white house, built in 1789, that sits on the Appomattox River, surrounded by trees. There are two outbuildings along with a small garden, and a long flight of stairs that descend down a steep hill to a pier on the river. This was my inspiration for the plantation in my Wellington Cross series, which I called Western Manor - which was the home's original name. In my earlier books, it belonged to Jefferson and then to Ethan and Lizzie. In my latest two books in the series, Wellington Belle and Wellington Beaus, the home changed hands and is now occupied by the oldest son, Godfrey Wellington. He changed the name of the plantation to Wellington Manor. In Wellington Beaus, he endures a tragedy and descends those steep stairs to sit and contemplate where his life will take him. I wanted to share with you where my inspiration for this beautiful place came from. If you get the chance to visit Hopewell, Virginia (formerly called City Point), I highly recommend a visit to this plantation.

Weston Manor

Weston Manor

By the kitchen house

By the Kitchen House

Me and Sherrie by the pier and river

The steep stairs leading to the river

The long pier and sweeping view of the river

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