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Meet Baldwin, son of Lord Wellington

Baldwin Albert Hugh Wellington was the great-grandfather of Ethan Wellington from my Wellington Cross Series. Baldwin, if you have read book one in that series, fought in the Revolutionary War. His painting hung on a wall in Edward Wellington's study at Wellington Cross Plantation.

Baldwin was the son of Lord Alden Wellington and Lady Alice Wellington and grew up in Wellingshire, England, in Highwoods Castle. He had an older brother, Willoughby, and a younger sister named Wilhelmina. He lived a privileged life but was mischievous, and after a fateful accident, he was ignored by his mother. Thus, he often got into trouble, trying to get attention.

We meet him in the beginning of my new book, Voyage of the Heart, as a young man who flirts with women and with disaster. He is accused of a crime he didn't commit and ends up being ostracized from his family. He is punished, barely escapes with his life, and is sent on a ship to the British Colonies in North America.

As he faces new challenges on the ship crossing the Atlantic, his character is challenged. He knows how his older brother Willoughby would have handled them. Now it's up to him to make his own heroic choices.

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