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Inn for Cover

My latest book, Wellington Belle, is now available in paperback and preorder for Kindle on Amazon. On the cover of this historical romance novel, I used an inn in Charlottesville, Virginia, that my husband and I stayed in this past spring. It's called 200 South Street Inn. It's a beautiful four-story house built in the 1800s with a nice wraparound porch with places to relax, inviting rooms, and in close proximity to the "Mall" area of Charlottesville. Every afternoon, they serve wine and cheese, and for breakfast each morning, they serve a wide variety of breads, cereals, fruit, and drinks. We truly enjoyed our stay. A big white dogwood was in bloom out front in one corner, and I took a picture of it with my phone's camera at an angle where I could see how the porch wraps around with the dogwood in the center. This turned out really nice, and after some special effects, to enhance the colors, I realized I had a good book cover in progress. I contacted the inn to ask for permission to use my photo, and the manager enthusiastically said yes and that she would show the book off for me if I gave them a copy. I was thrilled! Having a big beautiful house like this on my book cover fit my story perfectly, as it is about a woman who moves into a boarding house. Therefore I was very pleased to be able to use it. So if you're looking for a great place to stay in the Charlottesville area, this inn is a charming place to stay, and after October, you just might be able to look at my book when you check in. Tell them I sent you.

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