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Historic Weston Church

In my book "Wellington Cross," I mention a church called Westover Church. This was a real church and still holds services today. It was originally located near the Westover Plantation on the James River, and served the local plantation families of Westover, Berkeley, Shirley, and other nearby plantations. Among those who worshiped here were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, William Henry Harrison, and John Tyler. Legend has it that the lady of Westover Plantation became weary of house guests after services at the church on Sundays, and so the church was dismantled and moved to its present location, on the other side of Herring Creek from where it was originally. It sat empty for years after the Revolutionary War and was even used as a barn for forty years, including during the Civil War. During that time, services were held at nearby Edgewood Plantation instead, according to the proprietor of the Edgewood, Dot Boulware. Renovations to the church were completed in 1867, just as stated in my book. ~ March 25, 2013

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